Our Company

GL&L Holdings, LLC was established in 2011 and is a one-stop transaction center for all types of real estate asset-based private and hard money loans. With multiple local bank relationships, the company has rapidly expanded not only the relationships with local financial institutions, but has grown its portfolio of private loans and investors.

GL&L Holdings, LLC provides loans on commercial and/or residential properties by either performing direct or indirect loans using the services of licensed brokers with whom we have a business relationship. It should be noted that we do not compromise when it comes to ethical practices, due diligence and compliance; therefore, we only partner with those organizations that embrace our goals and strategic imperatives.

As of 2017, GL&L Holdings, LLC has underwritten over $35 million in loans. We solicit, underwrite, process, and fund private money loans for commercial and residential borrowers in Houston and surrounding areas. We have produced a stable yield since the inception of the company and competitively compete with the market ratios without the risk of ups and downs of the market. Our loans are fully collaterized with real-estate that is appraised at a much higher value than the amount of the loans we fund. This obviously eliminates any risk.

Our underwriting guidelines:
• Lend in the 1st lien position only
• Ensure that there is sufficient equity in the underlying property
• Ensure that our borrowers are financially able to make their loan payments
• Meet in person with borrowers and identify their exit strategy in advance
• Perform thorough internal appraisal and review of property
• Secure stable yield for investors
• Cross-collateralize when possible for additional security

In addition to our lending services we also specialize in:
• Wholesaling
• Rehabbing
• Fix and Flips
• Wrap around Notes
• Joint Ventures
• Property Sales/Rental



Herman Torres                  Managing Director                   GL&L Holdings, LLC